Working with a Real Estate Agent

Three Options When Selling Your House

When you decide that you need to Sell Your Home in the Myrtle Beach Area, you have three main ways to approach the matter:

  1.  Working with a Real Estate Agent.
  2. Selling the house yourself.
  3. Selling your home to a Real Estate Investor

In this blog, I will briefly talk about the pros and cons of the first in the list.

1. Working with a real estate agent.

This is by far, the most popular of the options.  Since most people don’t have the knowledge and experience of working with real estate, they hire an agent to come in and help them sell their house.

PROS:  Real estate agents are trained professionals.  They work in the real estate market on a daily basis.  They have access to many tools, such as the Multiple Listing System for the area in which they work.  When an agent is hired to sell your house, they will help you price it at a competitive price for the market in which your home is located.  In most cases, they will advertise your house in local publications and websites.  They will, in most cases, host open house events at your home, and they will show your home to any potential buyers that express an interest in purchasing it.

CONS:  When your agent begins to try to sell your home. you are probably going to need to make some general repairs in order to be able to show your home.  Things like painting, extensive cleaning, power washing, etc. will be the minimal expectation.  Other fixes may be needed as well as a house that is not in good condition will be very difficult to sell on the market.  Once you and a buyer agree on a price, the buyer will have your home inspected, and you will have to either make any needed repairs noted by the inspector or lower the price of sale in order to appease the buyer.  Finally, when the sale of your home is closed, you will have to pay additional fees in closing costs, as well as commission fees (usually 6-7% of the final sale price) to the agent.  This process usually last an average of 90 to 120 days, even in an active market.  This whole process can take several months and can cost a considerable portion of the money made from the sale.

If you are looking to Sell Your House in the Myrtle Beach Area, using an agent might be helpful if you are interested in getting top dollar for your house, but using an agent can cost a lot and take quite a long period of time.