I got something in the mail saying that you buy houses.  How does that work?

We send out several advertisements.  If you are interested in selling your house, please contact us.  We will get some information from you about the house and send someone out to the property usually in less than 12 hours.  Once we quickly verify a few things on the property, we will e able to quickly give you a cash offer for your home.

What are you going to do with our house after you buy it?

We work with a network of contractors and home repair specialists.  We will, most likely, make some repairs and upgrades to the existing property and then find a buyer for the home or keep it to rent out.

What do you mean when you say that you buy homes "as-is"?

We will buy any house, regardless of the condition in which it may be.  Our company actively seeks out properties that others may have no interests in buying.  You do not need to make any repairs, clean up anything that may be inside, or remove any unwanted items.  We will make you an offer to buy the house in whatever state it is in at the time we make the offer.

Am I obligated to anything after you come to my house?

Absolutely not. We WANT to purchase your home. We will offer you what we feel is a fair price for it. At that point, you can either accept the offer or reject it. The choice is yours, and we will completely respect your decision.

We always tell our clients that even if they are not interested in our offer, it is always good to know that our offer is there.

Are you licensed Realtors?

We are not a realty company. While some members of our staff are licensed realtors, we are a real estate investment company that focuses on acquisition of property.  If you are in need of real estate services, we can help connect you to a real estate agent to meet your needs.

What is different between selling with you and using a real estate agent?

If you choose to use a real estate agent, you will, most likely, need to make some repairs to the property and clean it up to show to prospective buyers.  The real estate agent will then try to estimate a price for which you should try to sell the house.  You will then wait an average of 90-150 days (maybe even more) in order to get an acceptable offer.  At that point, your home will be inspected, and you will have to pay for any additional repairs and then wait on the buyers bank to approve all of the financing.  Additional legal fees are also paid when you sell the house.  We save you all of these troubles by taking care of all of the stuff in the middle.   We make the repairs, pay the legal fees, and all you need to do is collect the funds that we pay you.

When you let Palmetto Tide Properties purchase your property, we will move quickly.  Sometimes the purchase can be finalized in less than 14 days with no effort from the party selling their house.  This saves you time and money, two of our most valued possessions.

What if I am behind on my payments or my home is in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure?

This is fine.  At Palmetto Tide, we realize that life happens.  Falling behind on payments and struggling with debt is a common issue.  We are still interested in purchasing the property. Our staff is trained in handling purchases of properties just like this. Our methods of moving quickly on purchases may be just what you need.

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